(Update, February 22, 2019) New voices, new languages in Voxin

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More voices, more languages will be added to Voxin based on Nuance Vocalizer Embedded.

The aim is to have more TTS choices for Orca, Emacspeak and possibly the console based screen readers (x86, x86_64, or arm v5, v7-a, v8-a).

Expected schedule
Second trimester: feedback from voluntary testers (subscription closed, thank you)
Third trimester: first public release

IBM TTS is still proposed.

Lower prices have been obtained to better address your demand, and a 15% discount for two runtimes.

Price per voice
embedded-compact: USD 25.19 (or 22.10 euros)
embedded-pro: USD 29.64 (or 26 euros)
embedded-high: USD 34.09 (or 29.91 euros)

An updated list of the 56 languages, variants or dialects of Nuance Vocalizer Embedded is copied below.

Languages (142 interested persons)
American English (15 interested persons)
Arabic (21 interested persons)
Argentinian Spanish
Australian English (2 interested persons)
Belgian Dutch
Brazilian Portuguese (20 interested persons)
British English (27 interested persons)
Bulgarian (1 interested person)
Canadian French (1 interested person)
Chilean Spanish
Chinese Mandarin
Colombian Spanish
Croatian (1 interested person)
Czech (5 interested persons)
Danish (1 interested person)
Finnish (2 interested persons)
French (4 interested persons)
German (3 interested persons)
Hebrew (1 interested person)
Hong Kong Cantonese
Indian Bengali
Indian English
Indian Bhojpuri
Indonesian (1 interested person)
Irish English
Italian (1 interested person)
Japanese (2 interested persons)
Mexican Spanish
Polish (1 interested person)
Russian (2 interested persons)
Scottish English
Slovac (1 interested person)
South African English
Spanish (20 interested persons)
Swedish (1 interested person)
Taiwanese Mandarin
Turkish (9 interested persons)


Voxin is an easily installable add-on which provides yet another text-to-speech to blind users of GNU/Linux.

From version 2.0, Voxin is compatible with much more distributions (and their family: derivatives, parent distro).

The included speech dispatcher modules work with speech-dispatcher version >= 0.7.1 .

The tested distributions are displayed below. Much more should be compatible.

Voxin has been recently tested with Emacspeak, Orca/Speech-Dispatcher, Speak-Up and is potentially compatible with SBL, or Yasr.

The installation of Emacspeak and Voxin (Viavoice Outloud) is facilitated by the emacspeak voxin installer.

The use of Speakup and Voxin requires to install voxinup.

Voxin includes only one language. For installing two languages, you may want to purchase two Voxin packages.

32 bits / 64 bits architecture

The voice synthesis is a 32 bits library. An automatic installation for 64 bits PC is available.

Known issues

Some words can crash the voice synthesis. The known words are:

The voice synthesis depends on an obsolete external library (old libstdc++, included in voxin though).

Get Voxin

Oralux.org, not-for-profit association, sells Voxin on-line at low cost (no financial benefit).

The customer will have to accept the licenses: for example, Viavoice must be used with the software components expected by Voxin, on the user's computer and for her own use.

Visit please this page for getting Voxin .


In a shell terminal, uncompress the archive and launch the installer:

For example, if you have the voxin-enu-2.2.tgz file:

tar -xf voxin-enu-2.2.tgz

cd voxin-2.2

cd voxin-enu-2.2

and run the voxin installer as root.

For example under Ubuntu:

sudo ./voxin-installer.sh


There is usually one update per each new stable release of the supported distros.

Your initial download link points on the last release of Voxin.

To be informed, please subscribe to the Voxin RSS feed or visit the update page.