This update can install Voxin on recent GNU/Linux distributions; the update also aims at improving the behavior of the text-to-speech.

The Voxin update includes free softwares (libvoxin, speech-dispatcher-voxin,...) and does not include the IBM TTS binaries. If you previously bought Voxin, it is necessary to merge the new update with the IBM TTS binaries from your old Voxin archive.


Here is an example of installing the update.

Type the following commands in a shell terminal:

wget http://voxin.oralux.net/update/voxin-update-1.15.tgz

tar -zxf voxin-update-1.15.tgz

cd voxin-1.15/voxin-update-1.15

sudo ./voxin-installer.sh

# Then, when asked by the installer, enter the path to your old archive; for example:


# Once the merge is achieved, you will accept the next questions by typing the Enter key.

  • voxin-update-1.15.tgz
  • voxin-update-0.68.tgz